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Cool Kits Flybrix Loves, for Tinkerers of all Ages

If you like using your hands and brain to build something neat and learn new skills, you’ll find no shortage of kits, toys, and inspiration out there. With the release of FlyBrix, we’re proud to join a vibrant ecosystem of products that appeal to curious minds. Our love for LEGO Technic, chemistry sets, and the electronics aisles at RadioShack were part of what drove us to create FlyBrix, so it should come as no surprise that we’re always curious about new science and engineering products.


Drone Racing: Getting Kids Started

For schools in particular to embrace this sport, it will take implementing an arc where kids first learn about the machinery and equipment. The next step is learning how to fly. Once those two aspects of drones are tackled, then it’s a natural evolution to pushing the limits by challenging students to explore what can be done with building and flying these robots.

With that said, the real heart of getting drone racing into schools is the educators. It takes adults who are passionate and knowledgeable about this to show kids the path for them to get involved. Kids fundamentally know what they want to do and may have the idea of “this is so cool, I want to race drones”, but struggle with putting the steps together to do so. That’s where the educators and evangelists play a big role. They’re the ones who fill in those gaps and keep kids moving along the path to involvement and accomplishment.


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