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Flybrix Code - What's Under the Hood?

Ahhh.  It feels really good to share fresh, new open source flight controller and Google Chrome App Configurator code for Flybrix!   
This software is a big part of how we see Flybrix being different than many other robotics, maker or Arduino style kits currently on the market.  How? You may be asking...


Cool Kits Flybrix Loves, for Tinkerers of all Ages

If you like using your hands and brain to build something neat and learn new skills, you’ll find no shortage of kits, toys, and inspiration out there. With the release of FlyBrix, we’re proud to join a vibrant ecosystem of products that appeal to curious minds. Our love for LEGO Technic, chemistry sets, and the electronics aisles at RadioShack were part of what drove us to create FlyBrix, so it should come as no surprise that we’re always curious about new science and engineering products.


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