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Flybrix is on a mission to make STEM & STEAM education a blast

We began as a San Francisco hardware startup working on an incredibly challenging product that can best be described as breaking ground in the autonomous flying robotics space.

Our first step in getting that product off the ground was finding a full-featured flight control board. We needed a small, lightweight PCB that didn't compromise on features. Turns out nothing suitable existed that would work for our product, so we developed and built our own.

We used our new flightboard to make an entire series of prototype devices. At first we would make our aircraft with balsa wood and 3D printing, but we eventually realized that Lego bricks were a fantastic medium for quickly trying out new ideas. This led to an epiphany -- the way we were building our prototypes could be shared with other would-be drone inventors as a product! 

We then realized the potential of our approach to drone building as a new entry point for teaching STEM and STEAM topics like robotics, engineering, physics, and more. Flybrix is the key to eliminating many of the challenges people have when they first start out with embedded systems -- we offer a rich application that is simultaneously accessible and interesting. Flybrix is a great way to get into programming and electronics and the perfect introduction to the world of drones and drone technology.

We've grounded our thinking in our core beliefs and the audience we think will most benefit from Flybrix:

And, above all else, the educational toy we've set out to build must be fun!

And with that, Flybrix was born! 

That autonomous flying robot we mentioned earlier? Stay tuned!













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