About Flybrix

Flybrix aspires to find the perfect balance between fun, complexity, and depth to help motivated kids discover robotics.

Amir Hirsch and Robb Walters began working together on the project in 2015, with seed funding from the San Francisco hardware venture fund Lemnos Labs. Their original plans to combine small drones and low-cost computer vision technology have continued to guide product development as Flybrix has grown.

At Flybrix, we believe:

We think that Orville and Wilbur would have loved to get their hands on a Flybrix kit. The inventive spirit of the Wright brothers teaches all of us to develop a passion for tinkering and learning from experience. We've had a lot of fun imagining a modern duo of drone inventors in the Wrong Brothers and we look forward to sharing more of their adventures with you in the future.

Just like the Wrong Brothers, Amir and Robb brought Flybrix to life by learning through trial-and-error. We're currently shipping the fifth major hardware revision of Flybrix and the fourth major software version. You can expect your Flybrix to keep getting better with future updates and accessories.

We think our product is a great entry point for STEM topics like robotics, engineering, physics, and more. We have lots of ideas for new product features, but our highest priority is to improve the quality of the platform as a teaching tool for programming and electronics. We love to hear from our customers if you have ideas for how we can do better! You can find our contact info here.