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The Wrong Brothers are so Wright

In the 1900s the Wright Brothers embarked on a journey to give the world wings, and as we know they succeeded.  In 2016 there is a very different set of brothers who embarked on a journey to give the world... flying things.  Meet Ricky and Jeff, the Wrong Brothers.

Where the Wright Brothers found success in the take-off of aviation, the Wrong Brothers are willing to try anything "just to see".  They find the fun in using their imaginations and find the process of building and crashing their avionic creations a blast.  Their past experiments include hand-made microwave missiles, Howard the flying dog, and the burrito rocket (otherwise referred to as "the burrito incident").

On September 22, Imagination Takes Flight!  We jump to present day and see these quirky Wrong Brothers in their garage. They’re working away on their next big idea, their most fun experiments yet!


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