Flybrix Product Update

Flybrix Product Update

Now that we've moved into our beta product development phase, there are a few new things to share about where we are with the product and where we're headed!  

New Motor Boom-Arms

With the new motor arms, we've opened up a whole new range of the types of configurations Flybrix can make.  Because the motors hold tight and perfectly perpendicular, yet still can be slid out of the cuff; as an example, opposing motor designs can be created.  

New Boards

The latest revision of our custom flight control board includes bluetooth and LEGO® integration.  This is a big improvement for two reasons.  The first is it allowed us to take weight off the board that was devoted to the second module that had to be soldered onto the original boards for rc controller functionality. The second is now the Flybrix App that is included with the new kits can be used to fly airframe designs. The controller is still available, but now it's optional.  Turns out using the app or a controller comes down to personal preference.  Some people like the tactile feel of joysticks versus a flat screen.   

You'll also notice that the boards now have LEGO compatible holes, designed for 1x1 LEGO® pieces.  This allowed us to take more weight off of the board.  The Alpha Kits required us to affix LEGO bricks to the board to allow it to attach to builds.  Now that those additional pieces are gone, the board is lighter, so you can use more and potentially unique bricks to trick out your designs.  

Production & Delivery 

Looks like we're solidly on-track to be able to deliver the beta kits that have been ordered by our promised ship dates.  This is really important to us.  We're on the mission of only making promises that we can keep.  Barring any wild catastrophes that are out of our control, we're going to deliver!  We're so pumped to see what people create with this next shipment of octo kits!