Building, Flying and Coding Instructions

Firmware Updates: 

Before you start flying, make sure to install the latest flight control board firmware.  PC Firmware Updating Instructions.  Mac Firmware updating instructions.

Quad Starter Kit Building and Flying Instructions:


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Octocopter Building and Flying Instructions:

For app controlled kits, both sets of instructions are the same.  If you have a joystick controller, select your instructions based on your controller model.


Flybrix Octocopter Kit  Instructions: Building and flying quad, octo and hexo airframes with the JC-S controller and/or app only controlled kits.
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Flybrix Octocopter Kit Instructions: Building and flying quad, octo and hexo airframes with the JC-2 controller and/or app only controlled kits:
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Additional Airframe Plans:

Try building a sturdy quadcopter, otherwise known as "The Juggernaut".  If this is your first build, refer to the full set of Flybrix Instructions for flying tips.


The "Flying V" quadcopter is a light, nimble airframe design to try.  If this is your first build, we suggest starting with the full Flybrix Instructions first.  


Having issues? Check out our troubleshooting page, get help on our forum, or email us at


Coding with Flybrix:  

Here's a lesson plan that gives instructions on how to get started.


For Advanced Users:

Chrome Configuration Software:   Motor tuning and other advanced settings...

The "BETA ZONE" in the Flybrix app.  In the app, hit the Flybrix logo in the upper right hand corner to access new features we're testing, like live sensor data, block coding and more!  These new features are in beta, so there are no instructions.  Give it a try and experiment with us!  We'd love your feedback.