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Basic Troubleshooting

Having troubles getting airborne?  You can follow these steps to get back on track.  If you get stuck at any step, or need help with a particular step; click the corresponding link to send us a message.  We'll automatically know where you are in the troubleshooting process and be able to help you from that point. Please consider including a video or photos to help us debug your issues. 

The most commonly reported issue is that the motors are spinning but there is no lift or that the quad flips when trying to take off. This can usually be solved by checking if some of the propellers are blowing upward instead of downward. The fan blowing upward is either due to the motor polarity being reversed (align the white marks on the board with the white marks on the motor) or the counter-clockwise propeller is on a clockwise spinning motor (or vice versa). The direction of the propeller is independent of the color and propellers marked A (clockwise) go on the Red/Blue-wired motor while propellers marked with a B (counter-clockwise) go on the Black/White-wired motors.

Another common issue is that the motors are incorrectly plugged in, for example, with the quadcopter, you must make sure that Port 0 and Port 7 are Red/Blue motors and Port 1 and Port 6 are Black/White motors. If the counter-clockwise motors and clockwise motors are swapped, the system will only spin faster as it attempts to correct it's spinning!

Another common issue is that the device needs to be armed on a flat surface in order to correctly calibrate the horizon. If it is not armed horizontally, the drone will have a bias to take off in one direction.

If you're using the app to fly, skip the steps marked with an RC. 

Step  Test Contact Support
1. RC With your R415x disconnected from your flight board, bind (or pair) your R415x with a transmitter using the binding plug and a fully charged battery.  If successful, your R415x should be showing a solid yellow light. I'm unable to bind/pair

Update your firmware

I'm unable to update my firmware

Update the version of your app

 iPhone    |    iPad    |    Android

I'm unable to update my app

When you plug in the flight control board to a fully charged battery (without the R415X attached) do you see the following sequence of lights?

  • four greens (2 seconds)
  • two reds on one side (flash)
  • two reds on the other side (flash)
  • four greens (2 seconds)
  • two blues blinking on one side
I don't see this lighting sequence
5. RC

If you’re using the external controller, unplug everything and connect the R415X to the flightboard. Plug in the flightboard. This time you should see:

  • four greens (2 seconds)
  • two reds on one side (flash)
  • two reds on the other side (flash)
  • four greens (2 seconds)
  • four greens blinking in an airplane pattern
I don't see this lighting sequence
6. RC Turn on your transmitter without holding in the left joystick. The red power indicator light should be solid and you should hear two beeps. My transmitter test was unsuccessful
7. RC

With the R415x attached to your flight control board, on your transmitter, push the right joystick down like a button then release it. The red power indicator light should start blinking and you should hear one beep.

The flight board should blink blue for a few seconds and then blink blue in an airplane pattern (...*.*......*.*.......*.*......etc)
I don't see the blue LED airplane pattern

On the home screen of the app, click the Flybrix logo.  You will see a System Messages screen.  

I have a check system error


After going through these steps and you're still having trouble, send us a message. We're happy to help you get flying again! 

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