Flybrix Now Available at Target Stores!

Flybrix Now Available at Target Stores!

This is Kim from Flybrix HQ, here with some exciting Flybrix updates. Because we owe so much of our success to our customers, we want to make sure you’re always the first to know about everything that’s happening. So, let’s start with the biggest news: Flybrix products are now available for purchase in Target stores! There’s a lot to tell you about this exciting new chapter in Flybrix’s story, but first, here are some product and app updates we hope you’ll love.

New Quad Starter Kit

This new kit was developed for entry-level users, and has a lower price point of just $149. It’s available right now nationwide at Target in the store’s new STEM Tech Toys section and online at This kit is geared for beginners because it includes 4 motors and builds a wide array of quadcopters. Don’t be fooled, the Quad Kit is well equipped and is a full-featured with cool new boom-arms for more design flexibility and creativity, plus it can even be upgraded to an octocopter kit with additional components, sold separately on

New Supplies for All Flybrix Kits

We’ll be rolling out some new supplies for enhancing all types of Flybrix kits by the end of September:

Dual Motor Arms    

These new motor arms will make quad, hexa, and octocopter designs more stable using less pieces. Plus, they’ll make your kits more durable upon crashing (if that’s your goal!).

Angled Motor Arms

Our new angled motor arms are unique in how they raise the motors above the bulk of the airframe build. Why is that cool? It lowers the build’s center of gravity, increasing flight stability. They also let you get more creative with your kits, as they allow a number of new ways to build airframes.

More Quadcopter Designs

You’ll see many more quad build instructions available over the next few weeks on our Instructions page. Use these new builds as inspiration or adapt the designs to work for octocopter and hexacopter builds!

App Updates

With the addition of the Quad Starter Kit,  look forward to new designs being added to the quadcopter section of the Flybrix Flight Control App. Plus, be sure to check out these other updates coming soon:

BETA ZONE “Easter Egg”

We’re letting you in on a little secret: If you tap the Flybrix logo in the upper right hand corner of the app, you’ll enter the BETA ZONE. These are all the new features we’re testing, but haven’t yet made public. Check out the options for control tuning, motor controls, live sensor data, gyroscope visualization, and more. And be sure to us know what you like about them in the flybrix forum! Soon we’ll be pushing these beta features into curated project-based learning modules.

In-App Instructions

You’ll soon be able to view instructions for building and flying Flybrix kits directly in the app. For the time being, instructions will be available on the site in printable and interactive PDF formats.

Preflight Checklist

Lastly, we’re planning on adding a preflight checklist to help pilots take to the skies flight after flight like real life pilots. So be on the lookout for these handy guides, as well as all of the other cool new app features.

Flybrix at Target

We’re honored to be partnering with Target to champion the importance of STEM education and bring our Flybrix kits to its 1800 stores nationwide. While most companies entering into a nationwide retail rollout have about a year from handshake to implementation, Flybrix was approached only 90 days ago to be the hero product of Target’s new STEM Tech Toys Section for Holiday 2017. It took long hours, late nights, and a whole lot of cooperation and support from our new friends at Target to get this once-in-a-lifetime partnership off the ground. We couldn’t be more thrilled to share the news with all of you, our amazing customers! 

So, spread the word! The Flybrix Quad Starter Kit is now available at Target stores across the United States and online at!