Introducing the Flybrix FAQ Series

Introducing the Flybrix FAQ Series

There are a lot of different components to Flybrix kits which gives us plenty of topics to cover. Our monthly FAQ series will help answer your most commonly asked questions, and give some insider tips on the Wrong and “Wright” ways to get the most out of Flybrix. To kick things off, this month we’re answering a couple questions about motors.

How Much Weight Can Each Flybrix Motor Lift?

Each motor on its own can lift about 16 grams. So, a 4-motor Flybrix airframe design can lift 64 grams, which is equal to the mass of about $2.75 in quarters. But what if you wanted to lift something heavier, say, an elephant? How many Flybrix motors would you need then? About 283,495. So, if you’re thinking about bringing an elephant home as a pet anytime soon, you may want to start stocking up on Flybrix kits!

How Many Motors Can Flybrix Designs Really Hold?

Eight is the maximum number of motors that Flybrix airframe designs can accommodate.  There are eight motor ports on the Flight Control Board (sorry, your elephant-carrying drone will have to wait). In the future, however, it may be possible to “daisy chain” motors together, allowing you to add more than eight motors. But, until then, Flybrix kits allow you to make perfectly fun flying machines with 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 motors.

Fun fact: It would take about 1.6 billion of our 1-inch-long motors to wrap around the entire Earth. Luckily, our planet already does a fine job of “flying” through space on its own.

Wrong Way/Wright Way of the Month: Contacting Flybrix Tech Support

Like the world-famous Wright Brothers, our friends the Wrong Brothers are a couple of guys who use trial and error to take to the skies. Turns out, there’s a tremendous amount to be learned by doing things the Wrong Way on the way to getting it “Wright.”  When things go wrong, that’s the time to ask yourself “why did that happen?” This type of thinking is a path to a deeper understanding of how things work. To that end, each month we’ll reveal a Wrong Way and a “Wright” Way of doing something. This month, Contacting Flybrix Tech Support.

Wrong Way: Writing your problem on a piece of paper and sending it to us by carrier pigeon.

Wright Way: Emailing us at

We offer free tech support at the email address above, plus even more help in our brand new troubleshooting forum. And if you’re looking for something a little more visual, our YouTube channel has a lot of great tutorial videos that will get you airborne in no time.

So, don’t be shy! If you’re having any trouble at all, feel free to reach out. And who knows? Maybe we’ll even feature your question right here in a future Flybrix FAQ.

Until next time, happy flying, pilots!