In order to bind the receiver and controller, you need to power on the receiver while pulling the receiver's data pin to ground. The easiest way to do this is with a physical connection between the two outermost pins. You will see the receiver rapidly blinking orange when it is turned on in binding mode.

To bind the controller to the receiver, turn on the controller while holding in the left joystick. You'll hear a loud continuous beep as you turn on the controller and the rapid orange blinking should stop. You can then release the left joystick, eventually you'll see a solid orange light on the receiver. The sounds and light sequence of the binding procedure should be the same as in this video:


Firmware Work-around

Instead of using the binding cable, you can also use some special firmware (pull_down_rx_dat.ino.hex) for the flight board to pull the receiver's data pin to ground. (The receiver enters bind mode when the data pin is held low as the receiver board is powered on.) With this firmware installed (how to update firmware), the receiver will load in binding mode when you plug the receiver into a powered-on flight board. You can then turn everything off and reinstall the latest flybrix flight firmware.