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There are three partners behind Flybrix: Amir, Robb, and Holly. Amir studied math and CS at MIT and wrote code for nuclear power plants before he became an entrepreneur. Robb got a PhD in applied physics from Caltech and worked on robot cars on the side until he too headed for Silicon Valley. Holly has a M.A. from UW Madison and has worked top global brands like Nike, adidas, Nokia and Brother.  She's the brains of the organization with her past experience in all things business & marketing. 

Just like the Wrong Brothers, the three of us have brought our company to life by learning through trial-and-error. We began in 2014 in a San Francisco hardware startup incubator with the idea to combine drone and computer vision technology in consumer products. We started out shopping for a drone that would offer us an open hardware system in a small package that didn't compromise on features. We didn’t find the perfect fit, so we developed and built our own.

We used our new flightboard to make an entire series of prototypes. At first we would make our aircraft with balsa wood and 3D printing, but we eventually realized that LEGO® bricks were a fantastic medium for quickly trying out new ideas. This led to an epiphany -- the way we were building our prototypes could be shared with other would-be drone inventors. Flybrix was born! 

Flybrix Kits let you easily build any drone you dream up using LEGO® bricks.  After you master the basics, you’ll be ready to experiment with your own designs.

Flybrix is specifically designed to challenge everybody – from grade school to grad school. It offers a unique learning experience over a basic toy drone. The brain under the hood is a complete computer system that you can learn to program using the Arduino development environment. Flybrix is open-source. We publish our source code and electronic designs so you can go as deep into the details as you want! 

At Flybrix, we believe:

We think that Orville and Wilbur would have loved to get their hands on a Flybrix kit. The inventive spirit of the Wright brothers teaches all of us to develop a passion for tinkering and learning from experience. We’ve had a lot of fun imagining a modern duo of drone inventors in the Wrong Brothers and look forward to sharing more of their adventures with you in the next few months.







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